Steve's new list of things to make a simple life. Thanks Junior!

If Madonna calls, I'm not here...
  • Don't rely so much on money - live cheap, but happy.
  • Exercise more and always take care of yourself.
  • Be happy with work, at any expense.
  • Make relationships work easy, and stay away from the ones that are impossible.
  • Don't have too much stuff, things don't make you happy but people do.
  • Spend more time living, and less time trying to figure out how to have a life.
  • Treat yourself to chocolate and a cocktail once in awhile.
  • Practice safe sex.
  • See the world.
  • Laugh and find joy in something everyday.
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Olha que coisa mais linda
mais cheia de graça 
É ela menina que vem e que passa 
nun doce balanço, caminho do mar...

Moça do corpo dourado, do sol de Ipanema
O seu balançado é mais que un poema
é a coisa mais linda
que eu já vi passar...

Ah! Porque estou tão sozinho
Ah! Porque tudo é tão triste
Ah! A beleza que existe

A beleza que não é só minha
que também passa sozinha

Ah! Se ela soubesse
que quando ela passa
o mundo sorrindo
se enche de graça
e fica mais lindo
por causa do amor
por causa do amor
por causa do amor
Look at that beautiful thing
more full of grace
She's the girl that comes and goes
nun sweet swing, toward the sea ...

Girl of the golden body, the sun of Ipanema
Its balance sheet is more than un poem
is the most beautiful thing
I've seen through ...

Ah! Why am I so alone
Ah! Because everything is so sad
Ah! The beauty that exists

The beauty is not just my
alone that also passes

Ah! If she knew
that when it passes
the world smiling
is filled with grace
and becomes more beautiful
because of love
because of love
because of love